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Project Description

Architecture and structure of REN Electron’s double feud greenhouse

The greenhouse structure is positioned facing the South position with the length along the West-East axle, modularly realized with carrying elements in steel and heat galvanization treatment. It resists to the atmospheric corrosion with IPE fixing girders in galvanized steel which does not need any maintenance and metallic uppercuts connected among them with fixed bars.
The structure is specifically sized in length and depth for each place of installation with a minimum height of around 2,50 meters and a maximum height from 5 to 7 meters according to the building code on the territory.
The structure is anchored to the earth through the realization of foundations constituted by plinths opportunely realized in concrete and sized in form and consistence according to the geologic conformation of the ground. The vertical uppercuts of the structure are fixed to the plinths of the greenhouse structure.
The plinths are fitted with armoured hook during the fitting phase to be able to facilitate their removal at the end of the production cycle. On the sides of the greenhouse structure a closing system is realized through the laying of transparent panels in alveolar polycarbonate or, in alternative, the laying of a micropore net according to the site of installation and the crop typology. Pedestrian and mechanical means entries are guaranteed to carry out the agricultural activity of the greenhouses.
On both North and South sides, some grates are realized to guarantee a suitable system of natural ventilation for both the underlying ground and, most important, the solar panels.
The layout of the solar panels is usually done on a plan with a fixed inclination of around 20° / 25°. A patented system of canalization in the lower part of the structure guarantees the carriage and the harvest of the rain water.
Ren Electron design and build double feud greenhouses in compliance to the current Account Energy (art.14, paragraph 2): “With the purpose of guaranteeing the underlying cultivation, the greenhouses have to present a maximum 50% ratio between the projection to the ground of the total surface of the solar panels installed and the total surface of the greenhouse’s coverage.”