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Our company is in the renewable energy market since 2006. After achieving a leadership position in managing the development, planning, execution and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, it starts selling a new product range generating electricity from the wind power.

REN Wind becomes the customers and investors unique reference point for these new solutions definition by offering optional services such as the project development, the construction and the maintenance of the installations after they enter into operation.

Ren Wind small-scale wind turbines are available with 60 and 250 kW. Products certifications and quality assurance are able to satisfy the most demanding clients and investors’ needs: excellence, reliability and high-level performance are the main strengths of our range.

Wind turbines delivery timings are quick and the commercial terms and conditions with our customers feature the maximum flexibility. This way we make a fast return on investment possible.

Reliability, award-winning projects, strong track records define your partner in the renewable energy field.

Our wind turbines:

REN WIND 60/21

REN WIND 60/30

REN WIND 100/30

REN WIND 250/32